AO: ao-pig-trail
Q: Downy
PAX: Fun Run, Skidder, Piggyback, Downy, Freon
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Welcome, disclaimer, modify as needed, push but no hurt. 5 Core principles. Mission Statement. Freon redeemed himself with the Credo & Streakers Credo!
WARMUP: Willie Mays Hayes, daisy Pickers, calf raises
THE THANG: nice brisk mosey approx. 4.3-4.6 miles depending on what your watch brand says
MARY: haha nope
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Operation One Hit Friday – check Slack for details. Masonic Children’s Home 5k May 11. Check Slack for others
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Prayers for Fun Run’s dad checkup, friend who tragically lost their dad. Praying for Freon’s hamstring, M and family in loss of her grandfather. Also expecting child soon