AO: Backblasts
Q: Back Blaster
PAX: Maestro
FNGs: None
COUNT: I counted 18 – 20 men circled up
The same- but different.
It was heavily catholic dominated ( no issues here). Lots of Hail Marys and Lord’s Prayer kind of thing

Prayer and pledge first : ok that’s cool

Very good disclaimer even pointing out the address and location of AED machine

They asked if I was an fng and I said “no” 😀 then kind of left it until they said “we’ll who are you?”


The warmup was a little off. No starting position – move – exercise. No inflection of tone on the last cadence

Did some “jumping jacks” and then some “push-ups” 😁

Very cool workout. Did the 14 stations of Jesus as he carried his cross each significant point in the carrying of the cross story we did 14 of a particular exercise…

There were moans at 14 Burbees 🤔
I was thinking man they need Buick up here 😂😂

We made it through the 14 stations with about a 200 meter run for some and 100 meter walk for others in between each exercise


ANNOUNCEMENTS: they didn’t give any announcements

COT: there was some sharing …they offered prayers for my family as we traveled.. there wasn’t any BOM or gather up close prayer, just the ole Covid prayer

So what they get right? The Five core that’s all that’s needed. AYE?

What did they do wrong? Absolutely nothing as long as we carry on the five core we are free to lead. There may be a difference in opinion in the best way to carry that out but not my place to give. Very nice guys there all very welcoming. I did have to remind my self they’re still have only been meeting for a year

I’d say over half were over 50 and they even had a fella there 79!  

A few men stayed for some coffee and they obliged my request for a pic. Good guys and very genuine

Overall very good experience.

I was even more encouraged as throughout the workout I thought about how we we do it… we’ve grown so much and I see you men living 3rd more and more… no longer are we that group that comes for fitness … no this means something. This is a group that comes for the COT

More than ever Love you men and I’m thankful for you!