AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Geppetto
PAX: Myrtle, Maestro, Buick, Run Flat, OneHit, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, French Lick, Lipitor, Vila, Fun Run, Geppetto
FNGs: None
It was a perfect morning to get after it and start the day early. These 5am impact ruck workouts will treat you right!

Welcome and disclaimer given

5 Core, MIssion, and Creedo recited perfectly.
We started with 9 PAX…
Willie Mayes Hayes IC 10
Bear Hug IC 10
Copperhead squat IC 10
Merkins IC 10
After the warmup started our number of PAX went to 10, so we all did 10 burpees so our brother didn’t do them alone!

Grabbed Big Brother (60 lb Sandbag) and moseyed to the track
Catch me if you can: P1 Lunge walks while P2 does 10 merkins then bear crawls and tries to catch P1. Loser does 10 Burpees, side line to side line. Rd 2 Players swapped roles. Same punishment.
Then we had 11 PAX…..
Catch me if you can round 2: P1 starts sprinting backward from goalpost to goalpost, P2 does 3 burpees then sprints and tries to catch P1. Loser does 10 burpees. Rd2 we swapped roles, same punishment.

Passover: PAX were in V-Up position and passed big brother down the line. Once he made it to the end that PAX got up and took him to the front and started the passover again. We did this through 1 rotation.

People’s Chair pass: Wall sit with ruck in your lap while PAX passed Big Bro down and back for right at 4 minutes.. there was some mumble chatter about the Q not remembering we had the Mainon WOD in 2 hours….
He knew…
He just didn’t care!

Went to the other side of the track and circled up for ring of fire: pull Big Bro to your right then do 10 Merkins. we did 3 rounds.

Not much time but we got in 30 ruck flutter kicks.

Manion WOD in 1 hour
Prayers for French Licks school
Cade Bloodworth
Pledged it out