AO: ao-yard
Q: OneHit
PAX: Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Maestro, Myrtle, FreeBird, Szczerbiak, Piggyback, Buick, Carolina Lean, Baby Daddy, Scooter, Jiffy, Gilligan, Downy, Spackler, Run Flat, Lipitor, Mr. Beast, Wade – F3 Sub, Buzzard, NardDog, Bozo
FNGs: None
Core Principles
Credo Mission Statement

YHC wanted to do this workout in honor of Brutus and I took this time to reflect back on last week and pray for each other and for Brutus’s family.
God is in Control, its nobody’s fault, we will all probably look back and wish we could have done more, but what a way to go….doing what you love surrounded by men who you love & who love you.
Thank you for being there with me men.
love yall!

Daisy Picker x 12
Hold 3rd picker x 30 seconds
Willie Mays Hays
Big arm circles forward/Reverse
Chinook (Brutus Style)
Mosey mini Parking lot back to flag
5 burpees
Mosey around basketball court to pick up area

The Thang
Merkins- 25 = 1 token Pax total
Squats- 50= 1 token pax total
Burpees- 20=1 token pax total
Big Boy SUps-25=1 Token Pax total
Sprint- 3 back and forth =1 token pax total
Red light run- 1 per pax member

~We ran to the red light together and stopped to reflect and pray.

Heel touches- 12

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 Event Aug 5th
COT: Prayers for Bozo’s HR issues in his business & Gruels family traveling while he is home alone.

Grateful for you guys and for F3.
Good Work Men!