AO: ao-yard
Q: Maestro
PAX: FreeBird, Magnolia, Piggyback, Buzzard, Maestro, NardDog, Downy, OneHit, TKO, Pony Express, Magnolia
FNGs: 1 Magnolia

Magnolia ! Welcome brother !

Do you need a added level of accountability to show up to work out? Sign up to Q. I do it all the time. And it helps me to be a hard commit.

Not a whole lot to this one other than the fact we had to get through it. yhc made sure all pax had ample time to get the work done

daily picker ic
Imperial walkers Ic
Tolls off for a mosey and ended up at the bottom at the oak tree

Dora 1-2-3-
100 mike Tyson’s
200 gas pumps
300 double count flutters
While partner did a Bernie ju the big hill and and back

Ran to pavilion
Merkins 25
Squats 25
Rinse and repeat 2 x

Ran over to benches
Dips 25 oyo
Rinse and repeat 2x

Met back up and
Merkins 25
Dips 25
Squats 25
All oyo

MARY: gas pumps ic 20
Heal touches ic 20

ANNOUNCEMENTS: didn’t even talk about it
COT: nard dog was out 6th man
Thanks for sharing brother
Prayers for our children and as Free Bird said to stay engaged