AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Buick
PAX: Buick, Carolina Lean, Dangerfield, Fun Run, Gnat, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Maestro, Mr. Beast, Myrtle, OneHit, Queso, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Scooter, Skidder, Spackler, Top knot, Overdraft, Robo call, Overdraft, Robo call
FNGs: 2 Overdraft, Robo call
5 am and 18 HIM gathered for the hammer
5 core principles- around the horn
Mission statement

Slaughter starter
Ruck on
Mosey to the pavilion where Yhc and his 2.0’s had set out 12 coupons which turns out was 6 shy needed.

Roll tide took over for the exercises while Yhc and 5 pax retrieved the rest of the coupons to get the first evolution underway

Ev 1
Suitcase carry ruck
Farmer carry coupon
800 meters
Every time you set the coupon and ruck down it’s 5 burpees and a lap around the track

Ev 2
Ruck on
Front carry coupon
800 meters
Every time you set the coupon down – ruck off – 5 burpees and a lap.

Gas pump
Dying cockroach (@myrtle)
Toe touch (@roll tide)
Flutter kick

Announcement- 30/30 at 7 this morning
Manion WOD April 27
4x4x48 Memorial Day weekend
Murph Memorial Day

Lizella baptist – widow and single mom oil change next weekend

Prayed and thanked Jesus for carrying that cross and getting out of the grave.
Gruhl – thank you for sharing