AO: ao-gateway
Q: Buick
PAX: Buick, Carolina Lean, FreeBird, Myrtle, Scooter, SEC
FNGs: None

Jillian Michaels 10
5 core
Toe touch
Mission statement
Trunk rotation

In honor of grow ruck Yhc felt the need to get in part of the pt test so

T merkins 50
Butterfly sit ups 50

Then we grabbed our coupons for some fun

Cusak to the stop sign
Burpee broad jump back to the flag
Jillian Michaels broad jump back to the stop sign

Cusak to the other end
Thrusters 10
Bent over row 10
Colt 45’s
Thruster 10
Bent over row 10
Colt 45’s

Cusak to the handicapped parking spot
Burpee jump over 10
Ww3 sit ups 10
Ww3 sit ups 10


Farmer carry to the flag
Box cutter 25
Crab boil 20 the hard way cuz… one hit
Low plank
Ww3 sit up 10

Crossroads event 09/21 – y’all come out for this and support the men of crossroads. This is their fundraiser and they are trying to do some big things all to benefit the men their.

Iron pax challenge this Saturday

Plenty of other things to check on slack

COT:kids / school
Leading families
Which wolf are you going to feed

I kinda enjoyed this morning – kinda didn’t as well. I think if there had been more broad jumps?