AO: ao-about-face
Q: Maestro
PAX: OneHit, Mr. Fixit, Lipitor, T-Swizzle, BlueBird, Carolina Lean, Lobos, Maestro, The Professor, Pointer, Bobber, Popeye
FNGs: None
After confusion on my end on where I was actually supposed to be Fixit let me have the workout based my bum knee

WARMUP: we started with a typical Maestro warmup with some hillbillies, Willy Mays Hays, daisy pickers, ten merkins
THE THANG: odds vs evens
Two groups each competing to finish first each man was to complete:
30 pull-ups
50 merkins
100 coupon swings
It was a tie 😁

Then the following exercises some oyo some ic

Mike Tyson’s
Heels to a Heaven
Mike Tyson’s
Dying cockroach
Heel touch
Mike Tyson’s
Flutter kicks
Freddie Mercury
Pretzel crunch left
Pretzel crunch right
Mike Tyson’s
Squeaky Rosalita  
Situp flutter kicks
Superman x’s
Superman y’s
Mike Tyson’s
Bear Hold

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Beast needs you! Reach out!
COT: prayed for Popeye and his new family. Popeye was also our 6th Man