AO: ao-downrange
Q: PAXminer
PAX: Mr. Beast, Guinness, geppetto, hop hunter, spaz
FNGs: None
AO Afton F3 MECA

WARMUP:  Mosey around parking lot. SSH x20IC, Imperial Storm River, Dancers x20IC, Windmills x10IC, Penny Pickers  x10IC, Low Slow Squats x10IC, Plank Jacks x20C, Mountain Climbers x20IC, Merkens x10IC  

THE THANG:  Mosey to front of church. Wall of Pain. Along the way (Plank Saws, Dying Cockroach, The W). At the wall: People’s Chair OH punch, Wall Taps, Merkens Kick Thrus, Decline Mtn Climbers, Surrenders, Mike Tyson’s, Decline Shoulder Taps, Donkey Kicks, Balls to the Wall Mosey to front corner of building: Burpees, WW2s. Mosey around building: Burpees, WW2s, High to Low Plank, Star Crunches. Apolonos, Jump Squats, Heel Grabbers. Mosey to back parking lot: Lunges, Reverse Lunges, Bear Crawls, Reverse Bear Crawls, Burpees Broad Jumps, Gassers  

MARY:  Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercurys, Mason Twists, Box Cutters, Reverse Box Cutters, Homer to Marge, Plank

COT: ANNOUNCEMENTS:  NAMI Event, White Water  Center – Build Your Own Boat Team,  Mount Afton Challenge.  Prayer:  Situation in Israel.

Moleskin: 6 showed up for someone’s Q. Oh my Q. That’s right. Fortunately, I had Q’d at Tradition on Tuesday so I whipped it out of my… back pocket. Great to have theBeast from Macon, Georgia posting with us this morning. Apparently, some pax “excused” themselves from posting this morning due to some team called App State playing. Great work by the 6 pax today.