AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: Maestro
PAX: Dirty Dawg, Slowpoke, Maestro, Palladean, Jerry Moon, MooMoo, SAG, Tonka, Debris, SoCrates, John Hankinson (Gator), McFly, Noodles!
FNGs: 1 Noodles!
It was nice to be back at the foxhole this morning several men looked as if I was lost … no just missed you men. I was encouraged to see many of you still there from the first few weeks of the foxhole… good job men! And some things never change.. as debris walked up a couple minutes after 5:15 😁

There was a disclaimer
Mission statement
5 core principles
And credo listed off

Willy mays hays 20 ic
Squat ic 12
Walker ic 12
Mosey to football field

THE THANG: catch me if you can
Round 1
Partner up
1 partner lunge walks the width of the field the other partner does 10 merkins and tries to catch as they bear crawl
If your caught 10 burpees
If you couldn’t catch your partner 10 burpees
Rotate do it again

Round 2
Same but with Bernie the length of the field
And 2nd partner does 4 burpees then sprint
Rotate Do it again

Mosey to front of school where we did
50 merkins
25 derkins
25 derkins because sag couldn’t keep quiet
25 irkins

20 mike Tyson’s

Shoulders and chest were adequately blasted

Bernied up Ralph’s ridge

Gas pumps ic 20
Seated flutter kicks ic 20
Flutter kicks ic 20
Big boy sit up till time (about 12)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 5 year convergence
Another 5k coming up this weekend (?) ask Dirty Dawg or debris for details

Dirty Dawg shared as 6th man
SoCrates shared about justification by faith
Asked for prayers about raising teens

Man and a great coffeteria by dirtydawg!

Thank you men for letting me lead !