AO: Ao-Wilderness
Q: Buick
PAX: Chaps, Buick, TI (Adam C), Matt Buren-f3 Cub, T-zo
FNGs: None
WARMUP: disclaimer
5 core
– as @ti was inviting a rando it was a nice segue to reinforce the fact that we are open to ALL men. ALL men have a God shaped void and desire for community. Let’s not limit our e h…
Mission statement- said perfectly 😬

THE THANG: pt test
Since most of us didn’t get to experience the beating that our brother went through this weekend I wanted us here to get in on some of the fun
40 hand release merkins in 2 min
40 butterfly sit-ups in 2 min
2 mile run in 20 min
Today @ti ran 2 miles in 19 min 36 sec. This may have been a first?
Chaps and t so did an excellent job of not running away and practicing humility by staying with the Clydesdales as we pushed to get in a solid run and all completed on time together

Bear crawl to the other end
Bear crawl back
Bear hug
Burpee 5 oyo
Burpee 5 oyo
Lunge walk to the other end
Burpee 5 oyo
Mosey to Mary

MARY: @ti gave us the first exercise
Crunchy frog – decided to slow it down in the middle – sucked 💪
Lbc – Yhc gave a weird cadence for this
Burpee 5 oyo
Burpee 5 oyo
Chaps gave us flutter kick till time

ANNOUNCEMENTS: check slack – may 13 is a big deal – plan to be there – just do it – you know you want to. May 12 is a slightly less big deal but @maestro is feeding us so be there too. Bring your family!! Sign up sheet is on slack!
@debris is running a long way – @dill is cooking – all are welcome to watch and support and eat on April 1 while debris runs

COT:this got real today. @cub you are loved. Thank you for trusting us today.
@chaps you are loved as well. Thank you for trusting us to bring your request before a living God that cares so much about what we care about
@ti relating to his daughter

Good work men