AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Lipitor
PAX: Lipitor, Buzzard, Run Flat, Fun Run, GPS, Brutus, Myrtle, Turnbuckle, Scooter, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Maestro, FreeBird, Buick, Mr. Beast, Geppetto, Piggyback, Flowmax, OneHit, Tater Salad, Downy, Ratatouille, Beaver,, 5 FNGs: Screech,Git-R-Done, Crabkbait, Egon, Bluebird
FNGs: 5 5 FNGs: Screech,Git-R-Done, Crabkbait, Egon, Bluebird
Gave quick disclaimer, 5 core principles,GPS gave us our mission statement and Buick Gabe us or credo and then we got to it.

Willie Mays Hays 10 IC
Imperial Walkers 10 IC
Big Arm Circles 12 IC
Reverse Arm Circles 12 IC
Bear Hug 15 IC
Burpees 5 OYO
Merkins 10 OYO
Moseyed to the football field
5 Burpees
Lunge Walk 20 yds
10 Diamond Merkins
Lung walk 20 yds
15 Hand Release Merkins
Lunge Walk 20yds
20 Merkins
Lunge walk 20 yds
25 Squats
Lunge Walk 20 yds
30 squats
Hold plank/Al Gore til 6 is in

5 Burpees
20 Yd Right Hand Ruck Carry
10 squat thrusters
20 yd Left Hand Ruck Carry
15 Front Raises
20 Yd Front Carry
20 Ruck Swings
20 yd Overhead carry
25 overhead press
20 yd Front Extended Arm Carry
30 Curls
Hold plank/Al Gore til 6 is in
5 burpees
Mosey to the flag for Mary
Big Boy sit ups 10 OYO
5 Burpees OYO
15 Merlin’s OYO
Overhead Flutter kicks 50 IC felt like 100 thanks to Myrtle
Plank Circuit: High, low, high, left leg up, right leg up, high plank, low plank

DHT Friday Night at 10pm, 1776 games on July 4th, Catfish plate dinner at Hometown Pharmacy in GraySaturday

Prayers for Gepetto and family, prayers for Got-R-Done as he transitions to new place and job, prayers for Gruel’s family in this tough time, Prayers for the men of Crossroadsz