AO: Ao-About-Face
Q: Maestro
PAX: Brutus, Myrtle, Mr. Fixit, GPS, Lipitor, Maestro, Walt Mays F3 Tattnall, SEC
FNGs: None
I enjoyed the workout men! Thanks for enduring it with me.

WARMUP: round of shoulder blasters in there, imperial walkers
THE THANG: grab a partner

5 rounds of pull-ups burning out twice each set while other partner does an continuous exercise ( Merkin,squat,flutter kick)

Solid 5 rounds of peoples chair
With overhead presses, curls, toe raises, pistol sits, overhead press hold

In between each round did a exercise
Merkins, squats, imperial walkers, monkey humpers

4 corners
Lunge walk around the house with
50 ssh
50 seal claps
50 ssh
50 seal claps

No time for Mary

Tatnall shared as our 6th man
Love you brother
Sec looking for wisdom with grandfather