AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Downy
PAX: J Stroke, Mr. Beast, Downy, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Gnat, Snoopy, Ratatouille, Turnbuckle, Snowman, Buzzard
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Intro, Disclaimer, Core Principals, MS, Credo
25 Burpees
Bear Hug
Big Arm Circles (R)
Willie Mays Hayes

THE THANG: Farmer’s carry 2 rounds
Cussack Carry
Front Carry
15 merkins
20 squats
Cussack Carry
Front Carry
Farmers carry 2 rounds
Lunge Walk

Ruck Shuffle 1 lap
15 Merkins
20 Goblet Squats
Ruck Shuffle 1 lap

MARY: 50 merkins
Devil in the pan
Devil out of the pan
18 Seated Leg raises

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Need for Speed, Macon Sleepout and Crossroads Cookout next Thurs; Check Slack
COT: J Stroke was our 6th man. Thanks for sharing brother! You make us better and are an encouragement by your enthusiasm. Prayers for guys going on Explore God’s World canoe trip and the leadership; Gruel’s M in career, Ratatouille in Mammon relationship. Great discussion about morning routines and being focused in our quiet time. Guys, I’m proud to walk alongside each of you.