AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Dill
PAX: Waders, Cabbage, Dill, Buford, Mall Cop
FNGs: None
Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core

T-claps to Mall Cop coming in the rain and modifying while he is nursing an injury

WARMUP: SSH, BAC, Daisy Picker, Bear Hug, Calf Stretch
THE THANG: 21’s with an EMOM timer
Plank Jacks on 1 end and Hand-release merkins on the other end of the parking lot. EMOM Timer set for 2 minutes, when it sounds you got 2 BDE Burpees (Burpee to Bonnie Blair to Jump Squat). Resume 21’s after. Increased on far side and decreased on the other.
MARY: Oh she was there and she brought Peter Parker.
Peter Parker 11 IC
Flutter Kicks 21 IC
WW1 15 OYO
E2K 15 OYO Each side
High Plank 90 Secs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: All night Ruck June 2
COT: Buford with out of town work and struggles of parenting a toddler. Dill has job interview today

What always comes up when the rain falls? Men doing Burpees =)