AO: Ao-Colony
Q: Dirty Dawg
PAX: Dirty Dawg, Piggyback, Myrtle, Cadillac, One Call, Bob White
FNGs: 1 Bob White
WARMUP: F3 not responsible, Just Fit also not liable, Dirty Dawg not liable & not a pro
400M WU into Dynamic Stretching/ Plyos
THE THANG: wwwelll there he goes, One Call took off at a 7:30 pace 😮
Everybody ran 4-5 miles 😎
MARY: no Mary, but shout out to Piggyback for getting in another 800! 😳
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence, encouragement to seek out a road or trail race (spoke about LDRR & Music Half)
Get after a Goal
COT: great conversation- seems I should have connected Matthew is married to Sara Beth.
Prayer Request: young child with breathing difficulty/ lungs
One Call’s Father
Mrs Lydia
The McAteer Family