AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Buick
PAX: OneHit, Buick, Buzzard, Cisco, Downy, GPS, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Lipitor, Maestro, Mr. Beast, Peaches, Piggyback, Run Flat, Scooter, SEC, Turnbuckle
FNGs: None
WARMUP: disclaimer was given – if you find yourself getting stronger then that’s great – if you find yourself getting hurt then don’t do that…

Set the tone with a few quotes

Imagine if you raised the level of what you expect from yourself how much better your life would be?
Tony Robbins

If you’re not missing your standard every so often then your standard is too low
Chad Wright

Burpee 10
Overhead ruck press 25
Burpee 10
Ruck thrusters 25
Burpee 10
Ruck swing 25
Burpee 10
Ruck on
Ruck merkin 25
Ruck off
Burpee 10

Cusak to the track / field

Bear crawl ruck pull from goal line to goal line.
Ruck on
Lunge walk back from goal line to goal line
Ruck to the 50 yd line
Circle up tight for
Friendly calf raises ic 30
Ruck to Mary

Over head ruck flutter kick
21’s – “what we have here is a miscommunication” which resulted in
Burpee – 10 sorry not sorry
Lbc ic 30

ANNOUNCEMENTS: go ruck tactical instruction- sign up
Slack is your friend
Clay shoot Saturday June 17 to benefit crossroads
Slack has the detail

COT Yhc reinforced the power of f3 and that so many men need what we have.
@buzzard on the road.
@freebird family vacation
@buick on the road
@sloppy joe ingleside vbs
Ingleside vbs
@peaches mom
@maestro …busy
@one hit – family focus for a min