AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: The Grinch
PAX: The Grinch, Space Jam (Chase), Lazy Dog, Back Draft, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Ranga, Biff, John Denver
FNGs: None

SSH IC x 10
Daisy Pickers x 10
Toe touch x 30 sec
Willie Mays Hayes will reviewing the disclaimer and our 5 core Principles

Then a short jog around our new 400m “track”


Mike Tysons OYO x 15
US Hammers x 20
Heels to heaven x 20
Hello Dollys IC x 20
V-Ups x 20

Mike Tyson’s OYO X 15
Dying cockroach’s x 20
WW2 sit-ups x 20
Heel touches x 20
Heel touches 1” closer x 20
LBC’s x 20

Mike Tyson’s x 15
Rosalina’s IC x 20
Flutter kicks IC x 20
Freddie Mercury’s x 20
6” x 45 sec

Mike Tyson’s x 15
Butterfly sit-ups x 20 (aka: Iraqi Army warm ups)
Scissor flutter kicks IC x 20
Sit up flutter kicks x 20
Plank x 1 minute

Mike Tyson’s x 15
KNALP x 45 sec
Bear hold x 45 sec
Devil in the frying pan x 35 sec
Devil out of the frying pan x 35 sec

Walking lunges x 50


We already spent plenty of time with Mary today…

The January Challenge is continuing to heat up! But will COVID rearrange the leaderboard?!?


F3 leadership cohort
Consistency with diet, exercise, and self-control