AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Szczerbiak , Schrute, Spackler
PAX: Run Flat, OneHit, Schrute, Maestro, Spackler, French Lick, Myrtle, Downy, Turnbuckle, Geppetto, Szczerbiak, SEC, beaver, wolverine
FNGs: None
It great being back at 6 for the Ruck. We rucked 2.5 and had a great COT led by Shrute!

2.0 Next weekend.
We will be moving the flag to the parking lot next to the football stadium starting in 2 weeks.

Led by Shrute.
Praying for each other.
Geppetto and preparing for the Mission trip.
GPS Transition/move.
YHCs mom.
Shrute’s sister in law and family.