AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Spackler
PAX: Myrtle, Run Flat, Spackler, Szczerbiak, Clifford the Big Red Dog
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Individual stretching as I went over the disclaimer, 5 CP, Mission Statement and Credio. Had some discussion about the mission statement whether it is the “invigoration” or “reinvigoration”.  Run Flat said they have discussed at the SLT and it is actually worded both ways.  I still maintain it is invigoration as you cannot reinvigorate something that has not been invigorated in the first place.  I know others (Buick) disagree.  Either way, it is up to us to put some life into this community!

THE THANG: We rucked 3 miles. It was a cool 43 degrees but t felt invigorating!

MARY: We pulled in at 603a, so we missed Mary- she was sad. Perhaps she needs some reinvigoration. We will see her again soon and make up for it.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence coming up on May 13. Read Slack for other info.

COT: Prayed for the guys going on the Grow Ruck this weekend. Safe travels. You have trained hard and are physically and mentally prepared. It will be a great experience. Also prayed for our 2.0s- that we are good examples and lead them well.

Good work men and keep accelerating