AO: ao-yard
Q: Houlihan
PAX: Chiccarrones, Houlihan, Lefty, McStuffins, Myrtle, Schrute, Spackler, Reboot, Major
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION:disclaimer, 5 CP, mission statement, credo given with help of fellow pax
WARMUP:not today
THE THANG: rucked the normal ~3 mile route, lots of good mumble chatter
MARY:didn’t see her
ANNOUNCEMENTS:Masonic children’s run 5/11, 4x4x48 Memorial Day weekend, mental health beatdown this Saturday at 7 at red dawn, marathon challenge at 4:30 am at red dawn on Sunday, entire pax will collectively run 26 miles, depending on turnout, each person might only “get/have” to run 1 mile
COT – 6TH MAN:schrute shared, pray for his daughter’s pregnancy
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES:majors cousins x2 are pregnant after some past difficulty, mcstuffins daughters move to ATL and his SIL having neck surgery, houlihans dads possible surgery on Friday