AO: backblasts
Q: OneHit
PAX: GPS, Lipitor, French Lick, FreeBird, Huffy, Mitchell Thompson, Nature Boy, Myrtle, OneHit, Run Flat, Scooter, SEC, Szczerbiak, Turnbuckle, Wade – F3 Sub, Do Right, screech, landfill, bluebird, , Hands, muzzle, Casio, rocket, low rider, bagger, sunshine, Ty H ( I forgot his F3 name)
FNGs: 8 Hands, muzzle, Casio, rocket, low rider, bagger, sunshine, Ty H ( I forgot his F3 name)

YHC was excited for our first ever Monday morning ruck beat down at TSA & I couldn’t think of any better beat to kick it off than to do the workout that Brutus Q’d & led us all in last week at Red Dawns Monday morning ruck beat down.
This one was for you Brutus.
Bear hug, big arm circle forward & reverse, imperial Walker, Willie Mayes Hayes x 11 ic
Ruck up and head to track.
Drop rucks for 400 meter run
Ruck back up and head to sidelines,
1st evolution:
Over head press, curls, bent over row, squat x 25
Mosey to other sideline
2nd evolution:
Ruck swing, Merkin, upright row, jump squat x 25
Mosey back to other sideline & repeat 1st evolution
Bernie back across again & repeat 2nd evolution

Head to visiting stands for 3 rounds of irkins & dips
20,15,12 & 32 extra dips

Ruck up and back across field , drop rucks for another 400.
Ruck back up and head towards flag.
(French Lick left and this time and YHC had no clue why)
Grab 11 lunges per leg on the way.
( it was at this point that YHC noticed mumble chatter about Mary but I was locked in & oblivious)
At curb bear crawl to the flag

Overhead ruck flutter, lbc, heel touches, box cutters x 25 ic

YHC then announced that the next exercise was the burpee , at which point people started to leave and I realized that I had done a one hour workout instead of a 45 minute one.

My apologies men.
I was focused on doing a good job for Brutus workout & excited about the new AO and I completely forgot the time restraint for Monday mornings.

Thx for hanging in there with me and letting me screw it up.

Great work men!

I screwed up sorry,
check slack, runs coming up & 2.0. Everyone get involved. Great to have some tattnall football players out as fngs. Keep coming back and take advantage of what F3 has to offer. We genuinely care.
Prayers for muzzles family in loss of his grandfather & Brutus family.