AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Biff
PAX: Chumz, Cousin Eddie, ER, John Denver, Lazy Dog, Nurse Jackie, Space Jam (Chase), The Grinch, Waterboy, Iron Swifty
FNGs: None

Bear hugs
Willie Mays Hays

Bear hugs
Willie mays hays

10 man makers
Run to fire pit
20 dips

50 coupon curls
Run to stairs
10 hand release merkins

Run to the flag

Car Suicides
20 LBCs

6 inches
10 Rosalitas
6 inches
Flutter kicks
10 American hammers the hard way. (Some of us don’t know how to count the hard way)

Smoked meat extravaganza at The Grinch Palace Saturday Feb 24. Time: 1700-2000.

Ruck Thursday mornings @ The Complex (Ted Wright Park) 0515.

Psalm 14 talks about stop caring about being cool and what others think when we share the good news about Jesus. The world is full of people who want nothing to do with God and it’s our duty to spread the good news.

Each of us have our own story how God changed us thru the gospel. It doesn’t have to be spectacular. The spirit impacts us because He knows our hearts and how to reach us. Our part is to share the gospel.

Romans 10:17 says faith comes from hearing the message.

Psalm 14:4-6 says we are part of the generation of the righteousness and the Lord is your refuge.

Nobody is looking for Him in this world but we weren’t either until we heard about Jesus.

Talked about how it isn’t always easy to talk to others about the good news of Jesus.

Good points were made on how: where I was, where I am, because of Jesus. Be willing to be vulnerable and transparent when telling the good news even though it might be difficult and not met with open arms.

Prayed for God to power us through the funk that bring us down and gets us in a lazy state of existence. Lean on Him and our circle to lift us up. Do it even though we don’t want to. Hear our hearts when our words fail.