AO: Ao–Scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: The Grinch, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Back Draft
FNGs: None
Excited to see Beach Body, hurting for Cousin Eddie and totally forgot my starting Q duties.  No 5 core, mission statement or credo.  I am boy happy about that.

Bear hugs 8
Daisy Pickers 8
Willie Mayes Hayes 8
Silent 21 (double count) SSH to see if we could all stop at the same time.  And we did!
10 count Burpee. 5

Mosey to the playground.
6 stations (each table and swing-set is a station.
4 rounds of 21 reps at each station since it’s 4-21

Table.  “Box jumps”
Table.  Dips
Swing-set.  Ring leans (holding on to the swing, lean forward and use your core and triceps to recover)
Swing-set.  Swerkin  (with feet in a swing-set seat, do a merkin while bringing your knees toward your chest)
Table.   Peter Parkers  (hold the table seat and bring each leg to the outside of your hand.  21 the hard way)
Swing-set.  10 pull-ups (or modify as needed).  11 bark dunks (butt to the ground, grab a piece of mulch, jump and DUNK that thing!)

On the way to Mary, we found time for a handful of Absolutions.


Devil in the frying pan
Devil out of the frying pan


Family, kids and guidance.  Thinking of Cousin Eddie and his difficult situation.