AO: ao-yard
Q: Houlihan
PAX: Lefty, Houlihan, Spackler, Dangerfield
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: disclaimer statement, mission statement, credo, and 5 CP given

WARMUP: not today

THE THANG: rucked the usual ~3 mile route. Lots of good mumble chatter, it is good that some difficult/serious topics were discussed. Even among our friends, it is hard to really know what someone is going through or what they have been through. Thanks for the genuine conversations

MARY: didn’t see her

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 4x4x48 this weekend, cookout on Saturday night, Murph on Monday, 6 year celebration on June 8

COT – 6TH MAN: Dangerfield “randomly” selected, thanks for sharing what’s going on in your life

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Spackler’s wife as kids are growing up/moving/etc, lefty’s discernment for new relationships, houlihan’s anger towards family members, help him find peace. Pray for men’s hike expansion.