AO: ao-wilderness
Q: TI (Adam C)
PAX: TI (Adam C), Moon Dolphin, Q-Tip, Boucher, Firefly
FNGs: None
This beat down was written on a Waffle House ticket from last night’s celebration dinner after FPD’s win as state champs. All the exercises have the first letter of a Waffle House menu item. All 5 loyal patrons got served some delicious pain this morning – and don’t forget to tip your waitress, Mary.

Hill Billy’s
Bear hugs
Mosey to wall
Dirty hook up 4ct x 10 (2 times)
SSH 5 IC, then to 21 silent.
Done to perfection, no conciliation prize

Mosey near capsize coupon court for
1 leg burpees 2 x 5

Mosey to brick pile
Elevens: Elf on a shelf/exploding lunges

Big boy sit-ups IC
Wounded bear crawls (one arm and foot on curb)
Squats IC
Big boy sit-ups IC

Mosey to hill below playground
Bernie (backwards run) up hill until too many people fell.

Mosey back to wall
5 more dirty hookups.

Mosey to Mary

Superman banana
Copperhead squats

God is good!

Pray for kid at Boucher’s school
TI- pure focus on Jesus
Boucher’s daughter and grandkid health and hard times.