AO: Ao-Foxhole
Q: John Hankinson (Gator)
PAX: Micro, Dill, Viking, Tonka, Grimace, Ralph, Dirty Dawg, Slowpoke, MooMoo, Duke, Cabbage
FNGs: None

WARMUP: SSH-25-IC; Willie Mays-25- IC: Daisy Pickers-20-IC; Imperial Walker-20-IC

THE THANG: Using deck of Uno cards on baseball field- 5 rounds of 5 minutes with Circle of Pain between each round.

(0=10,1=11,2=12,3=13,4=14,5=15, all other #=face value); Skip= skip around bases; Reverse= Bernie around bases in reverse order; Draw 2= Do 2 exercises; Wild= 10 burpees; Wild Draw 4= Do 4 exercises.

Blue= Merkins
1)Derkins 2) Mike Tyson 3) T-merkins 4) Erkins 5) Werkins

Red= Core
1) WW1 2)Mt. climbers 3) Big Boy 4) LBC 5) Nolan Ryan

Green= Legs
1) No surrender 2) Elf on the Shelf 3)Bobby Hurley 4) Bonnie Blair 5) Bruce Lee

Yellow= Coupon
1) Curls 2) Bent over rows 3) Coupon swings, 4) Overhead press 5) Squat

Circle of Pain:
#1= Plank/10 Merkins
#2= 6 inch/10 pickle pokers
#3= Al Gore/10 monkey humpers
#4= High knee/3 burpees

Flag football- Red team won 2-1

MARY: Flutter kicks- 25 IC; 10 LBCs


COT: Pray requests- Tonka’s brother in law, Duke’s family travel, MP region track, end of school year.
Duke was 6th Man
Pledge & Prayer