AO: ao-the-crucible
Q: Buzzard
PAX: OneHit, Ratatouille, Grimace, Mr. Beast, NardDog, Snoopy, Fun Run, Myrtle, Maestro, French Lick, Lipitor, SEC, Buzzard, Pony Express, Blue Bird, Professor
FNGs: None
Disclaimer- Gave a disclaimer that we are all here on our on will. That myself, Tattnall, F3 are not responsible for any injuries that could happen on site.

Warm up
Daisy Picker
Don Quixotes
Willie Mays Hays
Sprint jog sprint x2 down and back

The Thang
Round 1
Erkins x25
Catheter Oblique Blasters x25 each
Bonnie Blair’s 25
Derkins x25
Squats x25
400m run who leads

Round 2- PAX Choice to Drop 1- Pony Express Dropped COB
Erkins x20
Bonnie Blair’s 20
Derkins reverse x20
Squats x20
400m run who leads

Round 3- PAX Choice to Drop 1-Guest Grimace Dropped- Bonnie Blairs
Erkins x15
Jumps x 15
Derkins x 15
Squats x 15
400m run who leads

Pax Choice- Add another 400 to complete the mile or another round of exercises- some mumble chatter and French Lick said 400! The Pax finished the Mile!

Lbc x 30
Frankenstein’s x10
High plank / Low Plank30 seconds

Announcements French Lick is going to be taking over the Site Q for The Crucible (Tattnall) Awesome to get to be apart of that
All of us men going into busy season. That we will be able to accelerate in our Job, School, Marriage, Parenting, and the rest of life.

Trunk Coffee