AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: Back Draft
PAX: Biff, Back Draft, Cousin Eddie, ER, Maestro, Ranga, Run Flat, Space Jam (Chase), The Grinch, John ‘Beach Body’ Stevick, Waterboy,John Denver,Animal,Lazy Dog, Crayola
FNGs: 1 Crayola
Bear hugs while I disclaimed the group
Willie Mays Hayes while the PAX gave the 5 Core
Daisy Pickers IC 11
SSH IC. 15
Mosey to Coupon shed
I recited the Mission while we moved and Cousin Eddie gave the Credo

Concrete Slab
11s with Merkins adding the coupon pulled underneath you on each rep and WW3 sit-ups
11s with single count walking lunges and bent-over rows

Bear crawl the pavilion concrete with 3 HR Merkin at each post (8 posts I believe)
Broad jump back, with 4 single count Bonnie Blair at each post

Fire Pit
15 Dips, 10 jump and stand-up straight on the bench, 5 Joint Ventures

Mosey to Mary

The Grinch led Devil in and out of the frying pan while the whole PAX returned to Mary
Freddie Mercury IC (15 I think)
American Hammer IC (11 I think)

I got my 63 mile Brutus patch from Maestro!
December 16th 12 miles of Ruckmas. Meet at Red Dawn (FPD) at 3:45 AM on the 16th
November Scraper challenge coming to an end with Cousin Eddie leading the way with 25 points.
Pinning a date down for the January Scraper Ruck/Beatdown.
Lazy Dog thankful for people being real in the COT
Thankful for this group of men!
I’m thankful for Tim Maloney (Crayola) responding to my call.
Crayola (FNG) enjoyed the work, spends time with his M in the morning but will come when he can.