AO: ao-downrange
Q: PAXminer
PAX: Mr. Beast, Turbine, dawghouse MASH, Ticonderoga, honey do
FNGs: None

AO Dawghouse F3 MECA

WARMUP: 1 lap around the parking lot, then circle up for a total of 62 exercises to commemorate YHC’s 62 laps around the sun. SSH  16 Hillbillies 15 Penny Pickers 15 Windmills 16  

THE THANG: Mosey to the baseball field and get 2 cinderblocks each, then mosey (slower) to the outer parking lot, where we felt it would be safer from teenagers drivers coming in hot.  We put 3 cinderblocks on the @yellowcake sled, and 1 person drug the sled to the next island and back while the rest of the pax did an exercise, most of them with a block.  When the sled-hound got back, the next man took the sled and we switched to the next exercise: Curls Merkins Atomic Crunches Tricep Extensions Squats WWIIs Bent Over Rows Plank Carolina Dry Docks Repeat – O  For varsity extra credit, @Honey Do added 2 more blocks for a total of 5 when it was his turn.  He was nice enough to take those back off for the rest of us.  

MARY: Ran out of time, so Mary was returning the blocks to the baseball field  

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  -NAMI event tomorrow at Frank Liske Park -It was good to have Mr._Beast back with us again today from Macon, GA finishing up his work week/family vacation.

COT:  Continue praying for @turbine ‘s friend Amy, fighting cancer
Continue praying for @Dawghouse MASH ‘s friend Leon also battling cancer
Pray for those fighting mental illness, and pray for all of us to be sensitive to those around us that might be fighting it