AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Tater Salad
PAX: Fun Run, Brutus, Buzzard, Mr. Beast, Myrtle, Spackler, Szczerbiak, Coppertone
FNGs: None
Daisy Pickers
SSH increase pace
Hand release merkin
Don Q
Rocky balboas
Calf raises

Not mine” Indian Run (1 sand bag run to front drops it then six picks it up on his way by and runs it to front)

Cone ladder
10 Peter Parkers, 10 alternating toe touch easy way
Ab work until the six

Back 40 wave
Routine: Wall sit, bag work, BTTW(10, 15, 20 sec), wall sit
Men in line doing wall sit, as the bag comes done the line do the reps prescribed, pass the bag and get into bttw, then wall sit until bag comes back for next exercise.
Wave 1: 10 overhead press.10 sec BTTW, wall sit
Wave 2: 10 thrusters, 20 sec BTTW, walls sit
Wave 3: 10 grave diggers, bttw, wall sit
Mixed in one legged and hallelujahs wall sit variations.  Also donkey kicks during walk sits.

Mosey to bball court “not mine style”

Bball work (5 rounds)
5 burps/20 BBSU, Merkins, stepups, dips
Run a lap around school perimeter.

Heals to heaven gas pumps
oblique blasters
Star plank
Rinse and repeat until time.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Murph and check slack
Buzzard road trips away from family, Myrtle’s kids with new opportunities for son and finding remedy for daughters health.