AO: ao-pig-trail
Q: Skidder
PAX: Carolina Lean, Fun Run, Ratatouille, SEC, Piggyback, Skidder, The Pope
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Gave the disclaimer, 5 core, statements, & creed.
WARMUP: Daisy pickers, Willie mays hays, SSH, thigh stretch
THE THANG: Ran around the trails for a few, saw some deer. Allegedly something blew at us.
MARY: 25 merkins, 40 LBC, plank for 1 min
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check slack. 4x4x48 on Memorial Day weekend. Marathon relay race this Sunday.
PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Ratatouille was talking to someone about F3 and urging them to join in on their hometown
Piggyback- pray for his associate? pastor at Northway, will need knee surgery