AO: ao-the-scrape
Q: The Grinch
PAX: Chumz, Q-Tip, The Grinch
FNGs: None

CE’s arm circles of delight x 1
Daisy pickers IC x 10

1/2 mile jog around the church


Mosey to coupon shed, then Cusacked over to the trench.

At the top end of the trench, individually, each HIM ran to the opposite side of the trench, performed 4 plank jacks, then ran to a tree on the opposite side of the trench and performed 4 fly squirrels. This was performed until all PAX finished at the bottom end of the trench.

Round 2: same idea as before, except we carried our coupons instead of running but completed the same exercises.

Round 3: same as before with coupons, but did 4 burpees on one side of the trench and Mike Tyson’s x 4 on the other.

Cusacked back to the coupon shed.


Gas pumps IC x 14
Rosalina’s IC x 13
Freddie Mercury’s x 10


Ruck on Friday as it’s the last day of the month.

Bring a headlight as we’ll be in the woods.