AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: GPS, Mr. Fixit, SEC, Szczerbiak, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Pooh, Buick, GPS
PAX: Buick, SEC, Szczerbiak, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Pooh, GPS, Mr. Fixit, Villa
FNGs: None

Willy mays hays. I.C 10
Don quijotes I.C 10
S.S.H I.C 20
Toy soldiers I.C 10
Big arm circles I.C 10 Forward + reverse.
High knees I.C 15
Toe touches I.C 20


1st & 10
Perform 10 Derkins, 1 Marmaker (11’s) at the 10, qsack 15 paces, drop coupon. Sprint to inzone, Mosey back to coupon. Perform 9 Derkins, 2 Marmakers, sprint to the inzone, Mosey back to coupon. Repeat. When you get to the end turn around and keep going until reps are done.

(Had to switch Fields 5 minutes in because little flag stated that coupon field was being treated with Pesticides. Started exercise from the top, at the track field.)

Circle of pain
Hold squat while Pax to the right does 25 squats, about 4 men in and holding monkey humper was allowed.

Fecal kicks I.C 10 each leg
Big arm circles I.C 10 forward + Reverse
Bear hugs I.C

Jacob’s Ladder (bleachers edition)
At the bottom, 1 step up, 10 dips, mosey to top. Mosey down, 2 step ups, 9 dips. Repeat till caught by the bell..


Coupons joined us to spectate a short mary.
Jim Braddocks IC 20
Hill touches IC 10
Extended Hill touches 5

May 13th Convergence

Fix it family dealing with lots of uncle
Sec cousin with cancer
My family dealing with loss of my gear uncle and mom’s court date on Aug 16th.
Szczerbiak’s M, Amanda – health, peace, wisdom.

Great work!