AO: ao-streakers
Q: Fun Run
PAX: Szczerbiak, Myrtle, French Lick, OneHit, Carolina Lean, Fun Run
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: Disclaimer, 5CP, Mission Statement, Credo, Streakers’ Credo

WARMUP: Willie Mays Hays IC X 10

THE THANG: We ran a little over 5 miles on the trails of Valhalla. Carolina suggested an alternate ending that gave us a little more distance and showed us the road less traveled.

MARY: Nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Same as the ones for the early crew and all the same pax here for the second.

COT – 6TH MAN: YHC shared his thankfulness for the men of F3 for a couple different reasons and it turned into everybody sharing why they keep coming back.

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Praise for Ratatouille dedicating his 2.0 today.