AO: Ao-Yard
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: Buick, Scooter, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, Fun Run, Downy, Brutus, Spackler, Mr. Fixit, Mr. Beast, OneHit, Piggyback, Myrtle, Lipitor, Gruel
FNGs: None
SSH – 50 IC
Trunk Rotation – 10 IC each way
Willie Mays Hays – 10 IC
Merkin – 20 IC
Don Quixote – 15 IC
Mountain Climber – 20 IC
Moseyed Down the Road a ways to a parking lot on the left for:
2 Rounds of:
Mexican Jumping Bean – 15 OYO
Inch Worm – Roughly 15 yards
Carolina Dry Docks – 15 OYO
Crab Walk back to beginning
Then we had a little friendly competition during Uboats with losing team being penalized a few extra burpees
Moseyed back up the hill to the basketball court because the principal called me yesterday asking if we could move her picnic tables
We put 4-5 men on each table and skirted the edge of the court cause she also told me the court had been freshly painted or there were alligators in the middle or something like that. We paused half way around the court to get 20 irkins and 20 dips In Cadence
Imperial Walker – 25 IC
Devil Out of the Pan – for time
Devil In the Pan – for time
All Night Ruck Forsyth this weekend
Mini Grow Ruck Red Dawn the 23rd
Crossroads Skeet Shoot the 17th
Zerbiak father passing
Peaches Mom moving
Free Bird traveling
Myrtle son cranking up a new venture
Spackler son starting new gig
One Hit big project today safely