AO: ao-the-crucible
Q: French Lick
PAX: Mr. Fixit, OneHit, BlueBird, Ratatouille, Fun Run, T-Swizzle, French Lick, Popeye, The Professor, Bobber, None today
FNGs: 1 None today
Disclaimer-> French Lick
5 Core Principles-> One Hit
Mission Statement-> Mr. Fixit
Credo-> Bluebird
SSH-> 25= IC
Daisy Pickers-> 15= IC
Bear Hugs-> 10= IC
BACs Forward-> 10= IC
BACs Reverse-> 10= IC
Chinooks-> 10= IC
Willie Mays Hayes-> 10= IC
Burpee-> 10= OYO
Popeye came in a little after the start time so the PAX rinse and repeated another set of Burpees-> 10= OYO
Moseyed around to show the PAX the bathroom OneHit recommends if nature calls while at The Crucible.
Upon reaching the track the PAX circled up and performed 10 Burpees OYO, following the Burpees was a 100+ yard Bear Crawl, next the PAX attempted and completed 25 Squats (IC), the PAX then moseyed for a set of stadiums followed by a set of 15 Amazing Peter Parkers with the right leg and then the left side. The PAX then moseyed 100 meters only to circle up and knockout 30 (the hardway) shoulder taps OYO, Pax moseyed another 100 meters to do a round of 20 Bonnie Blairs the hard way OYO. Once those were completed PAX moseyed 200 meters and performed 10 Burpees OYO, then moseyed another 200 meters and finish up with 10 (IC) Amazing Peter Parkers right leg and then the left leg.
American Hammer right over left-> 25= IC
American Hammer left over right-> 25= IC
Held the Plank for about 60 seconds
Seated Flutter Kick-> 25= IC
Freddie Mercury-> 25= IC
Ruckmas on 12/16/23 4am-8am
Prayer= unspoken, @Ratatouille and his wife, for all of those who struggle with the Christmas season
Praise= @OneHit shared on the goodness of hearing from friends