AO: Ao–Scrape
Q: Will St Clair (Rainbow Row)
PAX: Back Draft, Q-Tip, The Grinch, Standby, Will St Clair (Rainbow Row)
FNGs: None
– SSH IC x20
– Squats IC 4ct x10
– LAC IC x10
– Chinooks IC x10
– BAC IC x10
– Bear Hugs x 10
– Mountain Climbers x10

Mosied to Pain Shed, grabbed coupons and Mosied to pad.

Q briefed the F3 complex, consisted of 5 stations (5 core principles and 5 points of the letter “F”) picture will follow below

3 rotations with 37 reps each station, =111 reps for when F3 started in 2011. Exception was squats, pax had to pass through the squat station twice during each rotation, =222 squats w/ bricks 😳

Exercises: Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats, Over Head Press, and Tricep Ext/Curls

– LBCs OYO x30
– Box Cutters OYO x20
– American Hammer OYO x30

Life is sometimes like a difficult workout presented upfront, it can seem daunting and overwhelming, but if you take it small chunks, and little goals, keep moving, you will finish and be stronger on the other side.

Prayers for High Impact Men, for us to lead well, and those who were not with us. Prayer for the scrape to grow. Many men can use this.