AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Capsize
PAX: Capsize, Chaps, Matt Buren-f3 Cub, Moon Dolphin, Steven DeGeorge, Jeter, Roundhouse, W
FNGs: None
INTRODUCTION: what better way to break in the new common area on the Mercer campus than a beatdown. They have a new long brick street inset in concrete to make sections. We live sectioned off things. There is a circular turf area with varying heights of brick walls, many new steps. We live these things
WARMUP: SSH’s, trunk rotations, back stretch, quad stretch
Inch worm to fountain from entrance, mosey to new street on Mercer campus
There we bear crawled a section, flipped to crab for 5 sections, where we racoon crawled the wall caps to the new sitting area, probably 100 yards or so. Everyone was surprised that the swirley didn’t happen at the fountain so we swirleyed the new wall
Dora 2-1-.5
Partnered up. Partner 1 ran the new circular roads around the turf and sitting area while partner 2 did the exercise.
200 dips
100 box jumps
50 burpees
Bear crawled and crab walked back
Moseyed to start
10 Vup rollups
10 each side Merman’s
15 heel touches all 4 count
10 Jane Fonda each side in remembrance of Young G
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Christians game at Ace at 7 tonight
All the slack stuff
No 6th man
MT. mama has a very important meeting to further the Gospel this morning plus Tough Mudder Saturday
Roundhouse moving details
Airman’s dinner Praise for Jeter
New BetterMan group