AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Queso
PAX: Sloppy Joe, FreeBird, Maestro, Skidder, Myrtle, Lipitor, NocAHoma, Buick, Pooh, Spackler, Queso, Mr. Beast, Bozo, Dangerfield, OneHit, Mr. Fixit, Rhett (Roll Tide) Evans, TI (Adam C), The Notebook (David Reeves, YHC’s 2.0)
FNGs: 2 The Notebook (David Reeves, YHC’s 2.0)
INTRODUCTION: Greeting, disclaimer, mission statement (redeemed in excellent fashion by FreeBird), 5CP, Credo

WARMUP: bearhug 15 ic
hillbilly 15 ic
Daisy picker 15 ic
20 Burpees into low plank
Rick Flair

THE THANG: Count off and separate odds and evens into two teams. Youngest men are the team leaders. Teams picked a name as we moseyed to the practice field. Softies vs Sloppy Joe and the Tater Tots.

Game Time with several rounds of Coupon Shuffle. Do an exercise then carry a coupon into the opponents end zone. Winner is the team with the fewest coupons when time expires. Winner of most rounds gets a prize. Loser gets a penalty.

1. Panic at the Airport. 5:00. 20 star jacks, then suitcase carry. Jump high. Joe and the Tots.
2. Participation Trophy. 5:00. 20 donkey kicks, +2 for previous winners, then trophy carry. Kick high. Softies.
3. Snuggle Bunny. 5:00. 20 flying squirrels, +2 for previous winners, then murder bunnies. Jump high. Joe and the Tots.
4. Buns of Steel. 5:00. 5 Bonnie Blair squats +2 for previous winners, then free carry. Softies.

We were tied after 4 rounds. Put away the coupons, then prizes for both teams. Joe and the Tots assigned 20 star jacks to the softies. Softies assigned 20 flying squirrels to Joe and the Tots. There was some mumble chatter, but the softies responded well by planking up during the squirrels.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary. Thanks to OneHit for always remembering to pick up the six.

Notes to self:
4-minute rounds would give us time for a fifth round tiebreaker.
Practice the intro more and calm down

MARY: Pendulum side plank ic
Wide grip shoulder tap ic
Hollow hold ic
Upright flutter kicks ic per Maestro as YHC was completely gassed at this point
Three point hover ~30 seconds x4

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Travis Manion WOD. Check Slack

Name-o-rama. Everyone got some respect

Myrtle keeps coming out for the physical and spiritual side of things. Keeps him grounded. Thanks bro. Myrtle also suggested some pretty nefarious F3 names for the FNG but we had to choose something that he would be able to tell his mother.

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES: Manwich sick with fever. Nokahoma’s BiL elderly family members and illness

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. James 1:22. We talked about having integrity, and Being rather than Seeming. Esse Quam Videri patch given to The Notebook. Love that dude.

Pray and pledge

Love you men.