AO: ao-the-crucible
Q: Mr. Fixit
PAX: Fun Run, Mr. Beast, Mr. Fixit, OneHit, Piggyback, T-Swizzle, French Lick, Bobber , No Rush
FNGs: 1 No Rush
SSH – 10 IC
Daisy Picker – 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays – 10 IC
Merkins – 20 IC
Trunk Rotation – 10 IC each way
Baby Arm Circles – 10 IC each way
Randy’s – 10 IC
Chinook – 10 IC
Grady Corn – 10 IC
Burpee – 10 OYO

Moseyed to coupon pile:
Farmers Carry right and then left hand down to the track for 11’s
Picked out about a 30 yard space and started with squat thrusters on one end
Did walking curls down to the other end
Binoculars was the exercise on the other side
And Cusacked back to starting point

When finished with 11’s had time for 1 lap around track before Farmers Carrying coupons back to the pile

Got 25 Imperial Walkers IC while waiting for all PAX to arrive(some were in No Rush)
Plank til 6 but finished with 10 merkins in quick cadence

Huff-N-Puff Jan 20th
Cantrell Center 5k in Warner Robins in February

French Lick – school starting back; asking for peace in finding a good school, work, life, training balance
Piggyback – prayers for his M this morning as she stays home with young kids while he tries to provide
One Hit – prayers for the direction of Crossroads and timing and placement of the people around him
Welcome to No Rush – his name says it all