AO: ao-yard
Q: Piggyback
PAX: Szczerbiak, Buick, Piggyback, Fun Run, Snoopy, NardDog, Spackler, Baby Daddy, jonmendezlpc
FNGs: None
Welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principals, credo, and mission statement given.


SSH x 15
Calf Stretches (considered doing these the rest of the beatdown based on the status of most of our calves)
Big Arm Circles x 10 ea way
BDE Burpees (drop to merkin, Bonnie Blair HW, jump squat) x 5
BDE Merkins (HR merkin, right knee to right elbow, HR merkin, left knee to left elbow, HR merkin) x 5


P1 runs 1 loop while P2 does exercise: 100 Burpees, 200 Squats, 300 WWII Sit-ups, a few teams made it to start their 400 flutter kicks


Finished out 200 single-count flutter kicks each then planked until time


Various races coming up, discussed need for PAX to spread the wealth when it comes to Q-Signups- reminded everyone how that’s done and offered support for anyone who has yet to Q.


Praise for the safety of @Snoopy and all involved in traffic accident; prayers for his navigating what’s to come to resolve all of the details of that accident; unspoken prayer from @FunRun on behalf of their close friends (it’s worth noting that unspoken prayers are always welcome and just as valid as any other- there are legitimate reasons to withhold certain details- God is powerful enough to know exactly what is needed and honor our prayers just the same); prayer for @Old MacDonald’s M, Ellen’s recovery and safety; prayer for @Buick’s neighbor and his anxiety. @Szczerbiak shared the verse of the day, thank you!

We talked a bit about Cherishing and its importance in addition to loving and caring for. Cherishing is comparable to how we treat our brand new dream car. We put oil and gas even in our beater cars, but we CHERISH our brand new dream car by parking it out of the way, limiting kids eating in it, washing it every other day, never leaving trash in it, etc. We need to see the value in our closest relationships, namely our spouses (significant others) and kids but really everyone we encounter as a child of God and made in His image…their value and cherishing them go hand in hand and, for me, really help with perspective.