AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Capsize
PAX: Capsize, Moon Dolphin, Firefly, W, Roundhouse
FNGs: None
WARMUP: back stretch, quad stretch, arm stretches, bear hugs, imperial walkers

Indian run with 3 air squats to the 72 stairs at the Mercer Student act center awaiting us
Partnered up
Am rap double pump burpees while partner 2 ran steps
Then Mike Tyson’s
Then American hammer
Bear-a-thon mile- bear crawled to the other side of the quad and did 100 dips
Bear crawled to walk way where we then lunge walked to Mr. Mercer in the center of wisdom
10 derkins IC 4 count
20 legs on bench LBC
Read Mr. Mercers sayings, prayed for Mercer and moseyed back
MARY: no time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ruck to celebrate 400 posts in the morning for One-Hit
COT: prayed for Spring and W’s school