AO: Ao-Pound
PAX: Cabbage, Ralph, Dill (Blake Cannady), Duke, MooMoo, Michael Smallwood(Bull), Palladean, SAG
FNGs: None
Welcome and Disclaimer. We hit the core principles. Cabbage knocked out the credo and Ralph shared the mission statement.
Bear Hugs 15IC
Hill Billy’s 12IC
Daisy Pickers 12IC
Mosey to the first light pole to start the stacked ladder. We needed 7 light poles. The exercises were 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 LBC’s, 40 squats, 50 miroccaan night clubs, 60 SSh’s, and 70 overhead claps. We started with the 10 burpees and moseyed to the 2nd pole. The we stacked the ladder, we had to do 10 Burpees and then the 20 merkins. We did this as we went up the ladder until we got all the way to the 70 over claps. There were opportunities to dial back the reps with a little F3 trivia, but as we got to the next light pole YHC decided we are here to push ourselves so to the grunting of the PAX we added the shortened reps back in.
Flutter Kicks 20IC
Heal Touches 15IC
Heals to Heaven 15 OYO
WW1 Situps 12OYO
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Convergence coming up May 13th, several 5K opportunities, Macon Mayhem F3 night March 18th.
COT: Continued prayer for SoCrates’ dad and the fight with cancer. YHC encouraged the PAX to be intentional with their prayer. Praise for the men of F3.