AO: Backblasts
Q: Spackler, FreeBird, Pooh
PAX: FreeBird, Pooh, Spackler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: We spent Friday warming up for the big hike by covering about 15 miles

THE THANG: Saturday was the big day- 15 miles mostly uphill. Rain or shine. Started I’m the rain down by the river but ended the day after n the sun on top of the mountain. Did out 15 miles in 7 hours. We each took turns as the lead trail boss. Pooh was on a mission and set a challenging pace. Freebird had more reasonable pace. YHC was just trying to keep up until about the last mile when I saw the finish line coming up. It helped that is was mostly downhill. Once I get all this weight going in the right direction, I can move!

MARY: Nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: News letter is out and it is awesome. Make sure you read it and if you don’t have it, ask one of us and we will hook you up. It tells about the Convergence in May

COT: Getting outdoors on a hike in the wilderness that God made for us- especially with other HiMs is an awesome experience. You get the added benefit of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Nothing like accomplishing a difficult task together and being able to share that experience is something special. Good work men! Keep accelerating.