AO: ao-wilderness
Q: Steven DeGeorge
PAX: Roundhouse, Animal, Chaps, T-Zo (Pat Day), TI (Adam C), Gamgee, W
FNGs: None
WARMUP: bear hug, SSH’s, merkins, high knees, quad stretch, back stretch, mosey
THE THANG: headed to Puddy’s wall and did a round of raccoon crawls. Moseyed to the coupon pile and grabbed a block each to go. We headed through Frizzles Forrest TJ the field for a little thing called the Murder Bunny Relay Race. The winning pair held plank while the losers did 10 manmakers. Had so much fun we did it twice.

Took the blocks back and moseyed to the fountain for the real Thang: “spin the coconut water can!” I think you remember the “spin the bottle” game from your adolescent past. Same game, two mods: instead of a bottle, we used a coconut water can I found in the trash; instead of kissing…. Excerices!!!

If The fountain was the hub of a wheel, there are 7 concrete pathways that shoot out like spokes to the edge of the park. Each man was assigned a spoke. Each man was also asked to choose an excercise. We had burpees, Mexican Jumping Beans, SSHs, and a bunch of ab stuff. We then circled up and spun the coconut water can. If it landed on you, you ran your spoke down and back to the hub. While gone the PAX AMRAPed the excercise you chose.

It was fun

MARY: Since we had so many ab exercises in “spin the coconut water can” we just kept on through Mary. We did pause to wel on her in.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Chaps rhetorically inspired us to set a goal for how many workouts each man would complete this year. TI said 2….

Per week.

COT:Prayed for neighbor Kris, Lucy Beth, TI’s family and the the two men who we see every morning in the cold, sleeping in their cars.