AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Schrute
PAX: Mr. Beast, Myrtle, Big Chick, Gaylord, Peaches, OneHit, Flowmax, SEC, Gnat, Spackler, Houlihan, FreeBird, McStuffins, Skidder, Papa Roach, Buick, Queso, Schrute, Maestro, @Jeter
FNGs: None
WARMUP: MS, 5CP, Credo, count-off (we had to take our shoes off this morning for that count)
THE THANG: We rucked the 2 mile trail
MARY: Nopers
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cantrell race / Speed 4 Need later this month. Jr League at FPD in March. Crossroads dinner Feb 29. Daybreak Sleep out at Central City Park Feb 29. Check Slack for details.
COT: Papa Roach was our 6th man. He requested prayers for wisdom in raising his 2 children. Free Bird shared praise for his father-in-law’s successful back surgery. Flomax requested prayer for better focus on priorities and his middle son Squash who is having an MRI today for a bone cyst on his right femur.