AO: Ao-Red_Dawn
Q: Run Flat
PAX: Baby Daddy, Piggyback, FreeBird, Maestro, Buick, Lipitor, Brutus, SEC, OneHit, Fun Run, Myrtle, Downy, Geppetto, Flowmax, Run Flat, Mr. Beast, Houlihan
FNGs: None
Daisey Pickers x12 IC
Willy Mays Hayes x20 OYO
Quad Stretches xHold Until YHC says switch legs
Deeeep Squats x10 OYO
Big Arm Circles x12 IC Forward
Big Arm Circles x12 IC Reverse

Ruck up and mosey to the track.

YHC was incredibly sore from all the events this past Saturday, and my mind was into what I had on the winkie, so I decided a 400M mosey was necessary so I could clear my mind and warm up a bit more. I think this also had some PAX wondering exactly how light this morning was going to be. It would have been really easy to not push this morning and take the high road, but I decided this morning we need to push through and get 1% better today.

After vacation was over, we lined up on the sideline of the field. YHC had cones set up as reference points to ensure everyone was starting and finishing at the same points. Cones we placed 25M apart.

25 Bent Over Rows
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
25 Overhead Presses
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
25 Curls for the girls
Lunge Walk 25M to the cones
25 Tricep Extensions
Mosey Backwards 25M to the cones
25 Squats
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
25 Ruck swings
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
25 LBC with Ruck on chest
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
25 Ruck Thrusters
Bear Crawl 25M to the cones
The buyout for today’s beatdown was 25 Burpee Ruck Jump Overs. I think everyone really enjoyed finishing up with these!

Overhead Ruck Flutter Kicks x25 IC
Box Cutters x25 OYO
High Plank / Low Plank until 0600

Travis Manion WOD April 29, 2024
Murph Challange May 27, 2023
5 Year Convergence BBQ Friday Night May 12, 2023
5 Year Convergence Ruck, Run, and Beatdown Saturday May 13, 2023

Prayers for our brother Geppetto and his family (AKA Clay and Hannah Jones) as they prepare for their move to El Salvador in a few months. They are in the process of selling their home in Macon and the sacrifices being made are becoming a reality.

Prayers for the little buy Crawford in the ER with breathing issues. This request was sent from the Men’s Hike Alumni page.

Praise for the motivation and encouragement the Men of F3 Macon provide on a daily basis!