AO: ao-red_dawn
Q: Carolina Lean
PAX: Buick, Carolina Lean, Joshua Simonton Gruuel, Mr. Beast, Myrtle, OneHit, Papa Roach, Piggyback, Run Flat, Scooter, SEC, Skidder, Snoopy, Snowman, Dangerfield, Screech
FNGs: None
Despite the threat of severe storms and preblast warning of a mud fest, 16 HIMs still showed up to get stronger!

Disco, 5CP, MS, credo

SSH 25ic
BAC 15ic
Don Quixote 15ic
LAC 15ic
Daisy picker 15ic
Hillbilly 15ic

Ruck shuffle about 100 yd
10 merkins and 10 squats, plank and al gore while we wait for the late arrivals to catch up
Continue shuffle to the practice field and to the bottom of the hill behind softball

5 Mike Tysons + Bear crawl up the hill
5 merkins + Bear crawl down
10 squats + Bear crawl up
10 OHP + Bear crawl down
15 Mike Tysons + bear crawl up
15 merkins

YHC started noticing the pax kicking up a lot of mud on the hill and didn’t want to cause damage to the grounds, so we headed back towards the track

Stop at stairs for calf ladder, do 1 rep on first step, increase reps by 1 for each stair
Plank, al gore, merkins, squats at the track while we wait for the 6

The 400m:
Ruck shuffle the curves
Lunge the straights
Pause at 50 yd line for 10 merkins

A few pax made it the whole way around the track before 0540 when we headed back to the flag. Those of us that didn’t get the 2nd set of merkins did them now.

OHRFK 20ic
Reverse crab boil 12ic
Plank shoulder tap 10ic

Junior league race date change
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Bewyack, thanks for sharing!

-Dr Paul Smaha passed away, pray for his family
-One of our brothers had a health scare
-Be intentional about staying in the word daily
-Traveling mercies for several men that are traveling this weekend
-Explore God’s World canoe trip