AO: Ao-Big-House
Q: Buzzard
PAX: Run Flat, Buford, Robert King Leonidas, Dill (Blake Cannady), Grimace, Micro, Dirty Dawg, Piggyback, Buzzard, Cabbage
FNGs: None
Welcome- Introduction- Buzzard
Disclaimer- Gave the Disclaimer that F3, New Providence, or Myself are responsible of any injuries, that everyone showed up on their own will today and I apricated them being there.

Warm Up:
Willie Mays Hays
Daisey Pickers
Mosey one lap around basketball court
Imperial Walkers
Big Arm Circles- Forward and Backwards
Mosey One Lap Around the Basketball Court

The Thang: Slinging Dice
1. Burpees- A lot
2. Mike Tysons- A lot
3. Merkins- 10
4. Deep Squats
5. Lunges- Hard Way – twice
6. Mountain Climbers- A lot
7. Mike Tyson- Pax went on a heater and we did a lot
8. Hill Run- 1
9. Bear Crawl- 2
10. Crab Walk- 1
11. Side Shuffle- 1
12. Sprint- 1

1. LBC- 30 oyo
2. Box Cutters- 10
3. ABC
4. High Plank- 2
5. Low Plank Two

Hope for the Heart 5k
Mental Workouts Saturday at all three locations

Prayer Request:
Dill’s Dads surgery this morning
Geppetto’s Family as they listen and respond to God’s Calling to go into the mission field.
Buzzard: Shared again that he was thankful for this group- Talked about looking around at Northway’s night of worship and seeing 10 other F3 Men worshiping together. Something special we don’t stop and think about a lot. Men are made to be in community and this community is something special that we get to be apart of. Always good to know when you ask for prayer you have a group of 10 men willing to pray for you when you ask. Thankful for you all!

Prayed Us Out